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Temas Publicaciones: ENGLISH

The strengths and weaknesses of lactate


Etiology and Therapeutic Approach to Elevated Lactate Levels. The strengths and weaknesses of lactate as a diagnostic/prognostic tool and its potential use as a clinical end point of resuscitation. Abstract of the article written by Andersen et al. Lactate levels are usually evaluated in acutely ill patients. Even though they are most often used in the context of evaluating shock, ... Leer Más »



Accuracy of Handheld Point-of-Care Fingertip Lactate Measurement in the Emergency Department. This article, written by Gaieski et al., examined the efficiency and time-saving effect of a handheld Point-Of-Care (POC) device for the measurement of fingertip and whole blood lactate as compared with reference laboratory testing in critically ill ED patients. Early recognition of elevated lactate levels in sepsis may expedite ... Leer Más »

The Role Of Lactate Production In The Regulation Of The Excitability


The Role Of Lactate Production In The Regulation Of The Excitability During High Power Requirement In Muscle Fibres. The author of this article, Juan Ribas, aims to show his current conception of the role of lactate in muscle physiology with the relevant scientific support. Ribas first exposed his conception of the role of lactate in muscle metabolism in 1992, something ... Leer Más »

Lactate Performance Diagnostic


Lactate Performance Diagnostic in High Performance Swimming The Influence of Sex, Stroke and Distance on the Lactate Characteristics in High Performance Swimming. Article written by Holfelder and Colleagues. In order to achieve world-class performances, regular performance diagnostics is needed as an essential prerequisite for guiding high performance sport. In high performance swimming, the lactate performance diagnostic is an important instrument ... Leer Más »

Lactate: Predicting the Evolution of Septic Shock

Lactate Usage is Superior to Other Variables in Predicting the Evolution of Septic Shock. Blood Lactate Concentrations and their Evolution are superior to Oxygen-Derived Variables in predicting the Outcome in Human Septic Shock. Blood lactate levels can be useful as a reliable clinical guideline for the treatment of these patients. Recent reports have shown that oxygen delivery (DO2) and oxygen ... Leer Más »